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Advisors to Project Lugger


Now retired Dr Mike Nicholls has worked in the university sector for over 40 years with experience of research, research supervision and teaching in biology, environmental science and science education and with a particular interest in raptor biology.  Mike still teaches and supervises MSc students at Kent University and conducts research in Peregrine falcon population genetics at Canterbury Christ Church University.

Mike is also a very active, as well as extremely experienced and well-respected, falconer flying mainly longwings. Particularly fond of flights with Tiercel Peregrines and Merlins.


Dr Mike Nicholls


Diana Durman-Walters


Diana Durman-Walters has been breeding birds of prey for many years and she is one of the pioneers of the use of Artificial Insemination techniques for producing raptors in the UK. In fact her knowledge of artificial insemination and natural breeding is second to none, as is her ability to pre-empt an issue with a breeding pair or newly hatched youngster before it is too late. She is currently breeding Gyr Falcons (Falco rusticolus), and other large falcon species using methods developed by her over the years. The knowledge she holds has seen her involved in an advisory and "hands on" capacity for several of the well-known breeding projects in the UK.

Dr. Mike Nichiolls  Scientific Advisor