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About Project Lugger

Project Lugger was set up by a group of UK falconers to bring to fruition an idea, held for some time by Bob Dalton, that something should be done to help this falcon species in the wild and attempt to assist with halting the rapid decline of the Lugger Falcon ( falco Jugger ) across the entire range of its natural habitat.


The Project is indeed fortunate to have several patrons involved with the cause, who are active in their support of wildlife conservation and one of whom is very experienced in breeding falcons.


The aims of the Project are to build a viable gene pool of Lugger Falcons and domestically produce youngsters which will be exchanged with other breeders involved in the Project until we have a good strong and stable breeding program. Eventually it is hoped that young Luggers will be donated to the Governments and Wildlife Authorities of both India and Pakistan for them to establish breeding programs. The youngsters donated from the UK would not be for release but to build breeding stock for the projects in these designated countries.



Further information on the Project can be found