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About Project Lugger

Project Lugger was established as the result of an idea held for some time by Bob Dalton, that something should be done to try to help the Lugger Falcon (Falco jugger) in the wild and attempt to assist with halting its rapid decline across the entire range of its natural habitat.


The Project came into being on the 6th May 2017 and has constantly grown and evolved since that date. We are very fortunate to have several patrons involved with the cause who are active in their support of wildlife conservation and one of whom is very experienced in breeding falcons in a domestic situation.


The aims of the Project are exceedingly simple in their aim and extremely difficult in their execution. We want to halt the decline of the species and where possible, when circumstances permit, help with repopulation by reintroduction and species management. By means of monitored domestic breeding production we intend to build a diverse gene pool of Lugger Falcons to form the basis for a future healthy and stable population. This will have a two fold effect. A safety net population should the day ever come that it is required and the basis, we sincerely hope, for future breed and release schemes that have the backing of the respective governments involved.


Any youngsters donated from the United Kingdom would not be for release, this would be unrealistic, but instead to be the nucleus of localised breed and release schemes within the Indian sub-continent.



Further information on the Project can be found


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