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As with any cause we could not continue to work without the help and advice from a great many friends, falconers, conservationists, enthusiasts and several companies. To all of whom we are continually grateful.  We are exceptionally lucky in having four first class patrons who all give generously of their time and resources because, like the founders of the Project, they agree whole heartedly with its aims.

On the left we have Alan Hunt and Judi Kent Pyrah, shown here with a truly beautiful painting they donated to us, along with its copyright, enabling to make prints etc to help raise funds.


AlanHunt Diana

Diana Durman-Walters is well known and respected as a falconer and falcon breeder par excellence. Her experience and first hand knowledge of breeding falcons has already been of immense help to the Project and will no doubt continue to be as we progress.

Mike Donnelly is a well known and established wildlife artist specialising in falconry related subject matter and has exhibited many times both in London and the Gulf. Mike is also a keen falconer and breeder of large falcons.

Mike Three Patrons. Diana Durman-Walters, Judi Kent Pyr