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As with any cause we could not continue to work without the help and advice from a great many friends, falconers, conservationists, enthusiasts and several companies. To all of whom we are continually grateful.  We are lucky to have some first-class patrons, with each of them bringing a certain field of expertise with them and their input has been invaluable in sustaining the project.

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Judi Kent Pyrah;

Internationally acclaimed equestrian artist, Judi Kent Pyrah's natural artistic talent was nurtured since childhood. At 17 she began painting portraits of dogs and horses for a living and cherished a dream of a life painting and working with horses. Judi's paintings have been exhibited in Canada and America for many years and more recently in the UK, with over fifty published art works featuring mostly equestrian and canine subjects.


Judi Kent Pyrah is one of the UK's leading Equestrian artists. Her ability to capture the movement, power, and attitudes of her subjects has made her a much sought after equine painter. Like her husband Alan she cares deeply for all forms of wildlife and, thankfully, happily agreed to be a patron of Project Lugger.

Alan Hunt;

Alan has been painting for over 50 years. In that time he has captured thousands of images of wildlife from around the world. He has travelled extensively on field trips to destinations such as Madagascar, Alaska, Peru and Antarctica - to name just a few. Alan is a native of the North of England and has studied the fauna of Yorkshire.


Having lived in France for several years, enjoying getting to know the birds of the mid and southern regions and learning their migratory routes over his backyard, he has settled once again in Yorkshire. Caring passionately about all forms of wildlife Alan gladly stepped up to be a patron of Project Lugger.


Diana has spent her life as a falconer, falcon breeder and is also an accomplished author, contributing to a great many journals, and magazines as well as writing "The Modern falconer." She is very well respected by her fellow falconers, especially those who appreciate the finer points Diana brought to the art of Grouse Hawking on the moors of Scotland.


In the early 70's she was well acquainted with the flying of passage Luggers and found them adaptable and accomplished when flown in pursuit of quarry.  Diana has said "In its rapidly changing world the Lugger falcon is vulnerable to pesticide and trapping. I am happy to be involved with Project Lugger supporting the challenges of conservation of this falcon."


DIana Durman-Walters Patron Three Patrons. Diana Durman-Walters, Judi Kent Pyr