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Bob Dalton has been a lifelong falconer with a passion for all species of raptors, but falcons in particular. His dedication to falconry and raptors has been recognised with him being made an honorary member of relevant organisations both here and in four other countries.


A Lugger Falcon, imported from India, was the first large falcon trained and flown by Bob and they have always held a special place in his affections. On learning of the drastic decline in the species in its natural environment Bob conceived and subsequently initiated Project Lugger. The Project seemed to have touched a nerve with the falconers and conservationists alike and soon the team gained the enthusiastic support of like-minded people wanting to do what they can to help.


The author of a number of books on Falconry and Raptors, as well as producing a quarterly magazine on the same subject, Bob also likes to spend time, when possible, watching raptors in the wild. However nowadays the project, and driving it forward, occupy so much of Bob’s time now there is very little left for other activities.

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Diana has had a lifelong falconry career. Her enduring passion has been flying falcons on the moors in Scotland at Red grouse. She is author of The Modern Falconer and has contributed to a great many journals and magazines.  She has been a prominent force in the breeding of world class falcons for 40 yrs.


In the early 70’s she was well acquainted with Lugger falcons and found them adaptable and accomplished when flown in pursuit of quarry. Today, a rapidly changing world with many challenges facing Luggers from loss of habitat and illegal trapping which are markedly reducing their populations, is the reason why Diana gives full support to Project Lugger and its conservation work.

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Martin, although not a falconer, comes from a highly successful business background, being the managing director of a company called Solent Design and has been involved in the design and printing industry for more than thirty-five years. However, Martin has always encompassed a love of wildlife and the environment in general and birds of prey in particular. The rest of the team have always appreciated the help, both personally and financially, that Martin has brought to the Project. As a result Martin was asked to become a member of the team in the knowledge he will provide us with a steadying influence as perhaps, he is better placed at times to see the overall picture of the Project

Martin Reynolds


Ronnie’s love for Birds of Prey developed in 2002 after a visit to the Hawk Conservancy. Back home in Kent she visited a number of centres including a small sanctuary called The Raptor Centre, that was founded in 1977 by her now husband; Eddie Hare.


Her first bird was a European Kestrel that she named Gollum. His care and training was under the close watchful eye of Eddie. A matter of weeks later Ronnie and Gollum starred in their first ever public demonstration.


Since beginning her Raptor journey back in 2002, she has been privileged to handle, train and fly a variety of Birds of Prey from the tiny African Pygmy Falcon to the White Tailed Sea Eagle. Other birds that Ronnie has worked with include the Bateleur, White Bellied Sea Eagle, Hooded Vulture, African White Backed Vulture and Gymnogene.


In 2018 she hatched and imprinted a Lugger Falcon which she named Aasha (this means hope in Hindi). Aasha takes part in the regular flying demonstrations, and Ronnie enjoys talking about him and the plight of his wild cousins. During the course of 2018, Ronnie was thrilled to be asked to become part of Project Lugger.

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