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The project was created by 3 UK falconers with a passion for not only falconry as an art, but the historical and environmental benifits but a passion for the conservation of all wildlife. Working with 3 patrons we have some of the worlds best breeders and raptor conservation specialists available to assist us in making our visions a reality.  

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has been a falconer for almost fifty years and when first setting out on his falconry career flew passage Lugger Falcons imported from India, long before they went onto the Red List. Over his long involvement with falconry he has flown many species of falcons at various quarries. Gyr Falcons, Peregrines, Sakers, Merlins, Red Headed Merlins and Aplomado Falcons, as well as Luggers, Lanners, Shaheens, Barbaries and Prairie Falcons have all been hunting companions at one time or another. Participating in falconry in other countries has also been an important part of Bob's life and to this end he has travelled to more than twenty-five countries including USA, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, South Africa, Russia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi.

He has also written six books about falconry as well as producing a quarterly magazine on the sport (which has grown into Europe’s leading falconry periodical) and contributing to a various number of

relevant publications


has been involved with falconry since he began volunteering at a centre at 13, this rapidly led to him carrying out displays to the public and educational talks to the public. Shane is currently working at a vet's surgery as well as breeding various falcons for himself and, now, the project.  Shane is a regular at both falconry events as a display provider and eagle hunting meets where he has shown himself to be an accomplished falconer both in the arena as well as in the field.

has been practicing falconry for almost quarter of a century, he has flown several species of falcon and hawk, but has found his heart lies in flying eagles. He has developed a passion for the history of Falconry and its practices and is involved with several projects that promote the sport in a positive light to both the public and his fellow falconers.


Adam was part of the original "eagle group" which can be seen at most of the falconry events with their display of hunting eagles. The aim of the group is to provide the public and other falconers with advice and education PRIOR to purchasing an eagle.



has spent her life as a falconer, falcon breeder and is also an accomplished author, contributing to a great many journals, and magazines as well as writing "The Modern falconer." She is very well respected by her fellow falconers, especially those who appreciate the finer points Diana brought to the art of Grouse Hawking on the moors of Scotland.


In the early 70's she was well acquainted with the flying of passage Luggers and found them adaptable and accomplished when flown in pursuit of quarry.  Diana has said "In its rapidly changing world the Lugger falcon is vulnerable to pesticide and trapping. I am happy to be involved with Project Lugger supporting the challenges of conservation of this falcon."


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